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Kobalt.io is happy to team up with RBC to support Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs, so they can focus on their day-to-day operations, drive cybersecurity maturity, and adapt to changing environments.

Everyone deserves great cyber security. But it is harder than it needs to be. The Program aims to change that with our managed security platform and a team of service professionals. Services Kobalt.io offers include a wide range of IT security, compliance, privacy, and business continuity/ disaster recovery specialties.

The primary purpose of the Program is to assist SMB companies to access the right IT security services they need to address their business problems. 


RBC Clients can enjoy:

  • 10% off on cybersecurity services/ programs
  • Comprehensive security approaches based on the limitations and needs of business
  • Continuous support 24x7x365, with an investment of a fraction of the cost of building an internal security team

Learn More About Cybersecurity

What is a cyber attack?

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Cybersecurity maturity

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Why Kobalt.io?


Kobalt.io’s cybersecurity services are right-sized for the unique needs and resource limitations of RBC business clients to commercial accounts. Kobalt.io builds on world-class frameworks and toolsets, combining the power of the cloud and data at scale to address the complexity of cybersecurity. By addressing these challenges for you, your internal teams are able to focus on their core strengths while significantly reducing business risk.

Kobalt.io provides a full stack of services. Starting with a security and privacy assessment, we then can tailor a security program to meet your specific needs. We also provide services related to privacy and training, managed threat detection. Want to learn more about how Kobalt.io has helped other businesses, visit https://kobalt.io/success/ to learn more

Who is Kobalt.io?

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Email and Phishing

Understanding Business Email Fraud

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One of the most common attacks you might be concerned with is email-based transaction fraud. Billions of dollars are stolen annually via business email fraud: 
  • Pivot to other accounts via password resets
  • Tons of sensitive data is held inside email accounts
  • Leverage for more sophisticated attacks including business email fraud

And How Kobalt.io Can Help

  • Enhanced User Education
  • Free Online Financial Fraud Training
  • Security Gap Assessment that helps identify your vulnerabilities, build a roadmap ad execute with purpose 
  • Review security settings on email systems, implement MFA and security monitoring

  • Identify and block impersonation domains

  • Implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Domain Based Message Authentication Reporting (DMARC) to prevent spoofing


Other Scenarios Where Kobalt.io Can Help

You have experienced a breach/ cyber attack
You need to prove you are secure/ compliant
You want to understand your security posture
You need help building your security program

Speak to an Expert

Della Dang

Della Dang

Della is a Security Advisor at Kobalt.io. Her primary responsibility is to discover and serve SMBs’ cybersecurity needs to maximize their growth. Della has worked in many countries with over 5 years of experience in the Technology industry and she's passionate about Strategic Partnership Management.

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