Can your security program protect your business from cyber incidents?

Rely on our experts to help you develop a clear action plan that focuses on strengthening your security program.

Start by examining your environment and know where you are vulnerable. Once you have this insight, our team of experts can help you build a clear and prioritized path on how to improve your security program.

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Gap Assessment

With the following gap assessment components, you can build a strong security foundation confidently.

Threat modelling

In collaboration with your team, we will identify three to four areas of concern to evaluate the effectiveness of your program.


Controls, policies and procedures

We will then review and develop controls, policies and procedures to minimize your exposure to cyber threats.

Inventory controls – Hardware, Software, Data and Cloud Services
Security Awareness Training
Patching and Vulnerability Management
Policies and Standards
Backup and Restore Capabilities
Controls - Anti-Malware, Email, Web, Firewalls
Account Management and Access Privileges
Security Monitoring
Incident Response


what is the process? will conduct one or more gap assessment interviews with your IT contacts either on site or via Zoom. This will consist of up to two, two-hour sessions reviewing controls, policies and procedures against the above domains. We will also gather additional information to establish a threat model, understanding of key and critical assets (systems and data) and perform a baseline ransomware readiness assessment.


Within 30 days from scheduled interviews, we can deliver:

  1. A written report detailing strengths and weaknesses of your organization against the above domains and readiness to deal with threats identified in the threat model.
  2. A high level strategic security program roadmap with prioritized recommendations.
  3. A free copy of our External Discovery report that provides a detailed summary of exposed service risks and look-alike domains. 
  4. A 60-minute executive briefing of the findings.


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