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Going Passwordless: The Future of Cybersecurity

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Password is being phased out and a passwordless future is to come. Increasing cyber threats and poor password hygiene continue to pose risks to organizations using passwords. Passwordless authentication strengthens security by eliminating risky password management practices and reducing attack vectors. In this webinar, Michael Argast, Co-founder and CEO of Kobalt.io, will:

*Examine the evolution of passwords, challenges, and vulnerabilities
*Explain what passwordless really means
*Explore how a passwordless future looks like
*Discuss implications for end-users, developers, and IT/ security
*Share best practices of deploying passwordless to meet security requirements

Join us and move beyond passwords altogether.

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Meet our speaker

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Michael Argast
CEO and Co-Founder, Kobalt.io

Michael is an experienced cybersecurity professional with over 20 years of industry experience. He is the Co-founder and CEO of Kobalt.io, a rapidly growing cloud-focused security services provider.

Kobalt.io works with over 100 cloud-focused technology companies to help ensure the security of their organization and cloud infrastructure. Kobalt.io’s experience across AWS, Azure, GCP and a wide range of SaaS services is unique in the security services industry.

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Ernest Chi
Senior Director of Partnerships & Corp Dev, 1Password